Water Softener Starting at Only $49.99/Month

The addition of a Water Softener to your home is not a luxury, in fact it should be considered a necessity. It is a fact that soft water is healthier for your body, and unfortunately nearly every city has hard water. The hardness levels vary per city as it is dependent on your water source. Choosing the right water softener for your home can be a difficult decision. So why not leave it to the pros. One Home Comfort provides not only reliability but also performance and efficiency in its line of water softeners. Our expert home advisors will perform a water test, educate, and guide you to selecting the correct softener for your home. We use top brands, made in Canada, such as our to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.

Energy Effciency

As the owner of an high efficient our Water Softener you have made one of the best purchasing decisions possible in Water Treatment Systems. Our systems are availble in a High Efficiency models which helps you save upto 20,000 gallons of water during its life span compared to regular brand or unit of water softener.

Water Softener